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Promo and Interview: Name that Book Extravaganza

It's come the time to name the 3rd book in the Desolation series by Ali Cross!

 But let's first start off with an interview with one of the characters, the incredibly hot Michael!

Interview with Michael 

YA Novelties: So, let's start off with: who are you?
My name is Michael. I am Odin’s war general. But more importantly, I am the one who loves Desi and I am the one who will spend forever trying to make her happy.

"Spending forever to make her happy?" *swoon* How would you describe your relationship with Desi?
I had to laugh. Desi has no idea how much I love her. At one time she knew, but Loki has buried her memories of me so far beneath layers of hatred and loneliness that she has forgotten what we once meant to her. But she’ll come back to me—I will find her and help her Remember. I will spend the rest of my very long life undoing all that Loki did and proving to her how very much she is loved.

For now, I am content to be there for her, to watch over her, to protect her as best I can—even if it is herself from whom she needs protection.

Do you have any exclusive powers as one of the greatest warriors of heaven?
All Gardians can access the Bridge, and use the Doors that Heimdall has erected to Travel between the worlds. We can all speak with our minds and all possess an affinity to emotions and the needs of others. Because of this, many Gardians feel their love for others so deeply that it makes it difficult to think of inflicting harm—even if it is necessary for the protection of their self or their homes. That is where my skills have come to be of use in Asgard. I am able, for good or ill, to put my tender feelings aside and to fight for the greater good.

I will fight for my brothers and sisters when they can, or will, not.

What do you think of Lucifer?
We were friends once, though it was his betrayal of Desi’s love that hurt the most. He is stubborn and selfish and thought nothing of crushing the spirits of his fellow Gardians—the very people he should have one day ruled in love and respect as his father Odin has done.

I am not as forgiving as Odin. I can see no hope for reconciliation between us. As far as I’m concerned, when Loki tore a full third of my friends away from their eternal home, when he subjected Desi to centuries of his cruel and relentless humor, he took with him any hope of my love or friendship.

What do you think of this modern world? Find it inconvenient or love it?
It is . . . entertaining. I enjoy the abandon with which humans live their lives, I like the hope they carry with them. And Earth is a beautiful place—not unlike Asgard, but green and lovely like I’ve seen nowhere else. I like this Earth-life. I could be happy here.

Do you have any plans or dreams for the future? If so, what are they?
Only one, and it is a simple wish. To find Desi, to finally convince her of her worth, of how much I love her. And then, if she will have me, I would spend the rest of my life by her side. I guess that’s more than one wish—but together they are all that keeps me breathing every day.

Good or Bad?
There’s good and bad in all of us, wouldn’t you say? I have even seen the darkness of hatred or need for vengeance pass across the gaze of my king, Odin, the greatest of us all. The hope, then, is that we can feed the good in us to such a degree that it is what defines us and the bad is merely a footnote.

 Congratulations! You have just met the most swoon-worthy angel in history! Now, time for the Name that Book Extravaganza! Now, let us wait for TOMORROW (secret word) to come!

Here's the mock-up cover!!

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